Need a Career Change??

Book your truck driving course with us Today

Need a Career Change??

Book your truck driving course with us Today

Need a Career Change??

Book your truck driving course with us Today

Dames Driving School – Truck Driving School Sydney

Obtaining a truck or bus driving licence is the first step towards an exciting new career, and Dames Driving School is here to support you on your journey. We are a leading provider of heavy vehicle training and assessment services in Sydney, and we are dedicated to ensuring your success. We have more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, and we are completely fluent in Hindi Punjabi, Sri Lankan and English. We are based in Bonnyrigg, near Prestons NSW – just 37 kilometres south-west of the Sydney CBD.

We train and assess for the following licences:

  • LR Licence – Light Rigid Truck Licence
  • MR Licence – Medium Rigid Truck Licence
  • HR Licence – Heavy Rigid Truck Licence
  • HC Licence – Heavy Combination Truck Licence
  • MC Licence – Multi Combination Truck Licence
  • Bus Driver Authority Licence

We understand that you are eager to start your new career, and we are proud to offer 1-day training courses that will ensure you have the skills and confidence to handle heavy vehicles in a variety of conditions. No matter which class/size of vehicle you are planning to drive, safety is of paramount importance. Our teaching involves a combination of theory and practical based elements to ensure optimal results for our students.

Our courses are designed with the needs of the Indian/Hindi community in mind, and we are conveniently located to service people who are living and working in Western Sydney. Our instructors are fluent in Hindi Punjabi, Sri Lankan and English and have a wealth of experience behind them. Our team is friendly and approachable, and upon completion of our courses you will leave with increased confidence and crucial skills that you will use throughout your career as a heavy vehicle operator. We also offer ongoing training courses, so if you ever feel the need to refresh your skills or upgrade to a higher licence class you are always welcome at Dames Driving School.

We have a course to suit all needs. With an emphasis on safety, quality training and value for money, Dames Driving School is Sydney’s leading choice for heavy vehicle licencing courses. Start your journey with us today.

Latest Model Trucks, Highly Qualified Instructors

Dames Driving School has access to a wide range of modern trucks, buses and forklifts. Our training process is thorough, taking you through the ins-and-outs of each vehicle and ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of safety and the fundamental skills required to operate heavy vehicles on public roads. Our vehicles are inspected on a regular basis, and we ensure all services are carried out in accordance with the manual.

Our instructors and assessors are highly qualified individuals, so you can rest assured that you are learning from the best. We are proud to have a pass rate of more than 80%, which is testament to the quality of our service and ability to deliver great results for our students and graduates.

Many students undertake their HR truck license test with us, and it is one of our most popular courses. Driving a heavy vehicle can be intimidating at first, but we will put you at ease and make the learning experience as seamless as possible, helping to build your confidence and competency behind the wheel.


LRLight Rigid Truck Licence

MRMedium Rigid Truck Licence

HRHeavy Rigid Truck Licence

HCHeavy Combination Truck Licence

MCMulti Combination Truck Licence

BBus Driver Authority Licence

Training and Assessment – How We Operate

Dames Driving School is your one stop shop for heavy vehicle training and assessment. Initially, you will complete a 1-day training course with one of our friendly instructors. Most students find that this is enough time to become acquainted with the vehicle and how it operates, but in some cases,  we may suggest further training to improve your skills and increase your chance of passing the assessment.

Once you have completed training, you will be assigned an assessor. You will be required to demonstrate your skills and capabilities in operating a heavy vehicle, and upon passing you will be able to obtain the appropriate licence class from the RMS.

We understand that life is busy, which is why our training schedule is flexible. Please contact us today to book your session.

Bus and Truck License – Safety First

Driving a heavy vehicle or bus requires specialised knowledge and skills. Dames Driving School takes safety seriously, and we make a point to emphasise this throughout our training and assessment courses. Protecting the safety of yourself and the public is of paramount importance, which is why we uphold the standards outlined by the RMS and Work Cover Australia. We also have specific safety minded courses which you can enrol in, such as Defensive Driving and Safe Operation of Heavy Vehicles.

Contact us today!

Dames Driving School are here to assist you, no matter whether you are looking to drive a truck, bus or forklift. We service the Hindi community around Prestons, Hoxton Park, Horningsea Park, Lurnea and other suburbs within Western Sydney.  Contact us today to enquire about our wide range of training and assessment programs.